What Does a Schizophrenic Have to Say?

As a serious matter and scary psychological disorder, people always tend to treat schizophrenic differently. The reason for that is the lack of understanding. While schizophrenics suffer with themselves, other people worsen it for them through treating them in a bad way. It is a part of being understanding and being able to help another get rid of the hard situation, to be a good person. The world and society are so cruel for people who are different. The difference does not precisely end in the physical appearance, but surpasses it to the behavior and mental characters.


Being schizophrenic is something that we should deal with it normally and with open hearts. When I hosted a patient and he told me his story, I was really shocked how our community treats and deals with people who are different. This issue did not start with schizophrenics, but with others long time ago. Any difference and homo in the society rules is regarded something abnormal and everyone is afraid of it. This is what we should stop doing it. We should be more understanding and friendlier to people who have troubles like that. We should never try to make it worse for them by behaving stupidly or badly.

That is why I came today with a story of my friend, who has lived with schizophrenia for a very long time. Actually, it is not his story, but what he has to say. This is what he thinks that people are trying to know about schizophrenic and how it feels. Everyone is curious about similar issues. As much as it is something undesirable as it is something people want to know about it. My friend shared this experience with me and he asked to share it with everyone who wants to know about people who lived this experience. For the sake of security, I shall keep his name hidden as M.H.W.

He says that he lived with schizophrenia for almost 12 years and he had a very long experience with it. So, now whenever he tells someone about it, they get too curious and have several questions about it. Besides, he was faced and surprised by the very large myths that were built about this issue. People tended to create several myths about people who develop schizophrenia.

Some people ask are the schizophrenic really violent and aggressive? This is something heart irritating to people who deal with this issue. Mr. MHW says that there is no such thing as violence in the nature of schizophrenic. According to some studies concerning this issue, the mentally and psychologically ill people are more likely to be victims of violence and crimes than being the ones to do them. People who have this kind of disorders have no interact with the characters of evil.

If you know how to deal with people like this, you will find out that those people are the friendliest, kindest, most sensitive, and most creative people you may ever see. We still should really change what we have in our heads. Especially, in case it comes to make it toward those people. It all depends on the way you treat and deal with those people. If you try to use violence and aggressiveness with them, you will get the same thing. But, if you treat them kindly and sweetly, you will see how beautiful-hearted they are.

Another thing that hurt my friend too is that there are some people who treated him as if he was never one of their kind. They treat schizophrenic as foreign, aliens, or some other very different and weird people. He says that just because they mentally or psychologically ill does not mean they are different or less than being human. They still think, feel, live, and sometimes they are more sensitive and have deeper feelings than other ‘normal’ people have. the issue is in their brains, and if they do something out of usual, it is just because of the order that they get from their brains. They still try to be more comfortable and more understanding with people, yet sometimes their own brain tricks them. If you think they are scary and you should be afraid of them, you should reconsider thinking that, because they are also afraid and sometimes have worse fear than you do.

For us, as specialist in this domain, we find it somehow irritating, when we see that media and ‘the’ Hollywood are ruining the conception of a medical term. If you ask everyone in the street about what does schizophrenia mean, they will say that it is mental condition where people develop multiply and various personalities. Well, this is the biggest mistake and worst myth about this disorder. There is a very big difference between having schizophrenia or developing the dissociative identity disorder. Schizophrenia is a matter of mind; it is related to people who have troubles in their minds not their personalities. It is just as the Latin meaning of it, which means ‘of two minds’. It might be relevant to paranoia, hallucination, or their mental problems, but surely, it has nothing to do with different personalities.

Everyone, either concerned or not in the medical field, think that schizophrenic are somehow lost among people in society. They think that schizophrenic people are incapable of integrating and handling with people in society. But, that is not completely true. This guy says that the schizophrenia is nothing but an illness, and illness than can be overcome through some simple treatments. They are able to contribute and integrate with people in society as any other person. Even if they never could get rid of symptoms, they are still able to work normally with other members of the community. If you misbehave with people with this disorder, you may lead them to misunderstand and mis-work with you, so that you get a wrong impact about them. But, if you work with them correctly and normally, you will be just fine and even more comfortable.

Schizophrenia is a disorder that does not have same symptoms in everyone. There might be different symptoms according to different people. Yet, “you still have to understand us in order to work with us and to have better cooperation with us” as MHW says.

If you think that it is hard to you to live with someone who might behave a little bit different because of his brain, think of how it is hard for him first. He has to deal with the hardness and challenge in his own brain, and then to integrate with you (you, the one who does not treat him well), and also to try to control his behaviors and of course to treat himself. It is really something very hard. So, next time when you think to avoid those people or to treat them differently, reconsider it and remember this article.


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