migraine causesFinally, here is the cause of Migraine

Migraine is not the same as headaches. This is something you should know before we go forward. It is not absolute, but we highly believe that you had been through the pain of migraine a time or another. Wondering what the cause behind such irritating condition is has been always a matter of concern for both scientists and people who suffer from it. The cause is not exact, pointed yet, but there have been always some factors, and triggers that scientists related them to the condition.

Before the study that we are going to talk about, the doctors have always been relating migraine to several factors and triggers that contribute in causing such head pains. The headache is quite different from migraine. For more information about that difference, you may read our article about it; the difference between headache and migraine. However, the recent discovery that shows the exact cause of migraines does not deny the previous triggers and factors. In contrary, those factors do worsen the symptoms and increase the chances of having this condition. So, we should know ignore them.

Before going ahead to see what the new study have brought for us, we shall have a quick look at those triggers. This might help, even better, the way in which the migraine occurs.

What are the migraine triggers?

We may not say that there are one or two triggers of migraine, but there are several ones. They differ according to the case of the patient. While someone may get migraine because of that trigger, another may get it due to another different one.

The women may experience migraine during some particular times (mostly menstrual periods), which means that this condition can be related to the hormones’ changes. Besides, it might occur even after having the menopause, which is also considered another main arouse for the migraine.

Tiredness and fatigue may cause the condition as well. So is the lack of sleep or poor durations.

You neck or shoulder can experience the tension, which may lead to migraine as well.

If your blood lacks sugar, you may also get the migraine.

Hard and excessive exercises may also be a risk-increasing factor of having this condition.

Many emotions and feelings may affect this to cause you migraine. Felling stressed, anxious, depressed, tensioned, shocked, or excited may make you get the condition as a result.

Some lifestyles such as poor diet, drinking alcohol excessively, dehydrated, caffeine, unregularly eating routine, and different others, can be considered as well.

However, this is not so far the main topic, but you should have all that in mind. Let’s see now what the study has relieved!

What did scientists figured out as a main cause of migraine?

The new research and study that has been published recently; concerning this topic (the cause of migraine) claims that this condition happens due so some disorders in the circulation and blood delivery to the brain. The results may help a lot in the furthermore research, which may come with an ultimate explanation of the cause of migraine. This shall help researchers to make a useful medication or cure that helps to relieve the symptoms. Moreover, those results and this research may put an end to the debate of whether the migraine is a result of disorder in blood stream or the nerves (related to the nervous system).

The research has involved over sixty thousands of people with migraine from different places over the globe. This gives a more certain and secured result. Some genomeshave been related to the migraine before, but after this new study, there have been more genomes relevant. The new genomes that have been related to the migraine were also relevant to several conditions of the blood vessels, muscles, and others. This explains how the disorders in the blood supply to the brain are leading to have such condition.

According to a leading doctor in the research, the study has discover so many (dozens) of new genomes that are responsible for the migraine. He said that the more they exist, the worse migraine gets. They could conclude to that after spreading and widening their study to cover more people and more places.

Another participant doctor in the study John, A.Z said that those results open a way for more specified treatments and cures. It has been always challenging to treat the migraine for people due to its different from a patient to another, because of the triggers, factors, and conditions. Yet, this time, the doctors can build a treatment on the behalf of each patient’s view. This treatment can be so much more effective than any other previous one.

It has been already found that the genomes have a link with the migraine; especially the genomes of brain. But, this new study did not confirm that completely, neither denied it. They said that genomes are involved, and so they are the blood vessels, but nothing fully confirmed yet. The reason why this remains obscure is the lack of tissues for the experiences and study.

The researchers and scientists who occupied this study also reported that the nervous system is involved. They said that the ion channels are related to this issue. Those channels are responsible for the transition of several signals in the nervous system, and they are involved in causing people to have the migraine.

All researchers reported that this new study’s outcomes came from the effort of scientists and researchers from all over the glove in different places, which insists that the cooperation in researches related to genetics is extremely important.

The study plays a major potential role for the extra research and studying in the future. It gives hope for people who chronic and severe migraines. The variety of causes gives a hope for people to have the effective cure for their condition according to what caused it to them.

However, the hope should never be abandoned on. The importance of this issue is international and huge as the spreading of the condition among people. The statistics said that over 14% of people around the world suffer this ‘health disorder’.


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