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Heart Attack First Aid: what to Do?


First Aid During a Heart Attack Heart attack is a life-threatening emergency, which requires prompt action. It happens when the blood supply to the heart is suddenly blocked by a blood clot. As a result, the heart muscle gets starved for oxygen and begins to die. People with angina are more susceptible to heart attacks […]


Can Anxiety Cause Chest Pain? | Read How?!

can anxiety chest pain

How Can Anxiety Cause Chest Pain? An anxious person is a person who fears and worries about his future. It is a very simple and normal feeling. Yet, when it is severe, you will experience serious symptoms. The symptoms are clear and noticeable, but people do not know them, do you? If you are aware […]


Heart attack symptoms women

Heart attack symptoms women

Heart attack symptoms In women Certainly, heart attack is the most terrifying disease. Everyone is afraid of it, because it does not give you the chance to save your life, and within few moments you shall be gone. Especially women, who do not know how to react when they feel that they are having heart […]