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Autism Genetic Causes

Child Autism

Autism; Genetically: Autistic people are not new category. They were always there. But, due to the wrong diagnosis and understanding of the issue, they were treated differently as they were something bad on the humanity. We have talked about autism in several articles before, and one of them was insisting on telling you all about […]


What Is Autism Disorder?

Autism Disorder

Autism  Disorder Symptoms, Types, Causes: Autism disorder also known as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It stands for the disorder that prevents people (mostly kids) from integrating with the others. They prefer to be alone or tend to stay alone (or with some very specific people sometimes). The autism affects always the social association between the […]


What are the symptoms of autism in children?

symptoms of autism in children

The symptoms of autism in children? And what could be the most dangerous effects of it? In order to talk about the symptoms of autism in children, we have to talk about what is autism, even shortly. So, here is a definition of what is autism; Autism is a nervous growth disorder that is characterized […]