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Processed Meats Cause Cancer!


  It’s a sad day for bacon lovers everywhere. The World Health Organization, or WHO, has just proclaimed that eating processed meats such as bacon, sausage, and hot dogs may cause bowel cancer, while stating that consuming significant amounts of red meat is likely to trigger the disease. Consumers...

Anxiety, MIND

Do I Have Anxiety?

do i have anxiety

  A) WHAT IS ANXIETY? Some people often ask themselves “do i have anxiety?” Anxiety is often defined as an unpleasant state of mind characterized by the emotional imbalances in individuals. It is accompanied by mood swings in the patients along with nervous behaviors like rumination,...


Health Disorders List

Health Disorders List

List of Physical and Mental Disorders As a special web site of the health disorders, we would like to write a health disorder list that includes most of the known diseases and disorders. The health disorders are not referring only to a single kind of disorders, but it refers to several ones. Those kinds...


Sleep Apnea: Wiki

Sleep Apnea

What Is Sleep Apnea? Causes, Types, Symtoms Sleep apnea is a condition that happens during sleeping. It is characterized by some pauses and blocks during sleep, and sometimes it can be only weak breathing. Every pause is named the ‘apnea’ and it might last for few seconds to few minutes. And also...