Do I have ADHD?
Do I have ADHD?

Do I Have ADHD?

ADHD or consideration deficit hyperactivity dysfunction is a behavioral disorder found in many children and adults. People with this condition display an excessive amount of energy and hyperactivity level and for the greatest part, have difficulty focusing their concentration on one thing. ADHD patients are found to have short attention spans and have a problem in the organization.
As a result, the most typical activities that are done at home, work and school can be tedious to them, and they will have difficulty accomplishing them. If you have chanced to read this article and just by now learning what ADHD is maybe you should ask this question; do I have ADHD?

This condition is commonly thought of as a child’s disorder. But that is just one of the many ADHD misconceptions. Adults can still acquire this disease which may, in turn, sabotage work and family relationships.

Studies say that it’s easier to diagnose a kid with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder compared to adults. This is because some of the most evident symptoms of ADHD may not be quite distinct because of the maturity level of adults. An adult with ADHD may know how to tone down their behavior in some occasion.

So how will I know if I do have ADHD? Here are a few signs and symptoms common to people with this condition:

1. Agitation/ restlessness/fidgeting

People diagnosed with ADHD are known to fidget a lot of the time. They are restless and will have trouble focusing on just one activity for a period.

2. Impulsiveness

While being impulsive is a common characteristic of all people, individuals with ADHD display it more often than normal. They struggle with constant inattention and would like to do or say anything they want to say.

3. The flash in the pan attitude

People with ADHD often start projects or activities and then leave them unfinished. When at work, they are often disorganized and have difficulty sticking to just one task.

4. Mood swings/Anger management problems

ADHD patients show signs of having hot flashes of temper and mood swings because of their inability to control their emotions and behavior.

If most of the above-mentioned symptoms sound familiar to you, it would be a huge help if you remove all doubt by going to your family doctor for them to be able to make a thorough diagnosis of your condition.

An early diagnosis of this condition will be beneficial in finding the remedy that will work best for you. While there are many treatments prescribed by doctors, it’s still best to keep an open heart and mind to other remedies such as homeopathic treatments that approach ADHD in the most natural way.

“Do I have ADHD?” is a question that has a ready answer. There are already various methods that can help in the proper diagnosis of this condition. ADHD should not be a hindrance to the life that you want you or your children to live. The earlier one is diagnosed, the earlier for them to be on their road to recuperation.

Our Guide to “Do I Have ADHD?”

This is for informational purposes, so I can’t answer your question “Do I have ADHD?” I can, however, provide you with information that hopefully will help you get the answer. A full evaluation including a complete physical needs to be done. This will rule out any other health conditions that might mimic ADHD.

The symptoms of ADHD are a distraction, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. You can find behavior rating scales online. They are extensive lists of very specific ways. Some will ask about how long you may have had the behaviors from never to very often.

Were you told that you day dream too much? How organized are you? How is your room did you keep it neat? Can you stay focused in meetings? Are you constantly fidgety? How is your self-esteem? Are you a restless sleeper? These are just a few of the types of questions that would appear on a behavior rating scale that you might find online or in books on ADHD.

You might want to have a family member fill out the same questionnaire that you did. This will provide you with another opinion or perspective on your behaviors. You should bring these to a doctor, get a complete physical, and have a professional assessment done.

This may answer your question “Do I have ADHD?”

Now what? A custom plan will be set up for you. This may include medication such as stimulants medication. You should know that they are incredibly addictive. You can have sleeplessness, depression, be less hungry, and irritability.

If they are used for a long time, you are more prone to substance abuse and depression. There may be an enhanced risk of suicide. This is one reason why it is urged to see a psychiatrist for medication management.

Natural supplements are a great alternative to stimulants. They are not addictive nor do they have side effects. They contain herbs that are known to work well for ADHD. Vitamins and minerals are combined with the herbs and herbal extracts. They help to soothe your nerves, relieve impulsively, and outbursts.

These supplements can take for an extended time. When purchasing them from a wellness (homeopathic) pharmacy, be sure that the person who makes your supplements certified in homeopathy.

You ask “Do I have ADHD?” It is very possible, but a professional will be able to make that determination. There is no cure, but ADHD can be successfully managed.

Does My Child Have ADHD? Important New Research on Diagnosis

I think my child has ADHD or does my child have ADHD are common questions asked by parents when they notice over-activity or a lack of focus in their child. New research indicates that while clinicians are often correct when making a diagnosis, the error is also present in some cases.

In a recent study reported in Germany, ADHD was overdiagnosed in 17% of the survey sample by clinicians who were surveyed. Of course, problematic is that some children may then be inappropriately placed on stimulant medications. Thus, when asking a doctor or clinician, “does my child have ADHD,” it is important that a proper diagnosis is made.

Unfortunately, if your kid is having a problem other than ADHD (.e.g. anxiety), they may not get the correct treatment or intervention.

Other research has indicated that when a diagnosis of ADHD is made; medication is often the first line of therapy. Thus, a misdiagnosis can be quite significant.

Another significant finding of the study was that males were more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD even when symptoms presented for boys and girls were the same. It was troubling that 40% of male diagnosticians gave the diagnosis of ADHD to kids inappropriately. In other words, the male child did not meet the full criteria for ADHD.

“Does my child have ADHD? ” The results of the research also suggested that females may be less likely to be diagnosed even when they met the official diagnostic criteria. When children are not diagnosed correctly, some adverse consequences could develop. They would include:

-Inappropriate prescription of stimulant medication
-No treatment for cause of the problems
-Stigma associated with diagnosis
-Incorrect educational prescription
-Increased heath care costs to parents or society

So what is a parent to do:

“I think my child has ADHD” is a concern that needs to be addressed with a proper diagnostic focus.

It is important that parents be good consumers of service. Educating yourself about the symptoms of ADHD or other possible causes of your child’s behavior is important. Clinicians should be suing DSM-IV-TR criteria for the diagnosis of ADHD.

Here are some questions to ask:

-Does my child demonstrate a minimum number of hyperactive or attentive symptoms
-Are the symptoms present in at least two different environments (e.g. school and home)
-When the symptoms were first noticed, was my child under age years?
-Is a recent change in family structure or the environment a possible cause?
-Is it possible that my kid has anxiety or another disorder?

Getting a proper diagnosis or even no diagnosis is essential to helping your child function well at home, in the community, and at school.


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