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Constipation is a very familiar and well-known digestive disorder. In case you do not know about it all, we recommend you to read our other article about it. You may develop this disorder by the way. It is something easily treated, and mostly can be cured itself. But, people may find it extremely irritating in some cases. The causes of such issue are obvious, such as eating specific foods, staying dehydrated, not enough water amounts, or/ and less exercises. Yet, some may develop it even if they ignore all those causes. You can be one of those.

The less common causes that few people know about are the responsible for many cases of constipation. In this article, we shall include all possible causes of constipation. Those causes are not familiar, and you may have never thought they can cause such irritation. That is why we decided to share them with you. Here are those possibly causing reasons of your constipation.

1- Taking the medications of painkillers:

There are some painkillers that are considered a quite direct cause of constipation. According to a specialist, the kind of painkillers that are known as narcotic drugs are identified to cause such trouble. If you take those kinds of painkillers and you get constipation, now you know why you do. For any reason you take such painkillers, you may develop constipation. Few studies have claimed that the permanent use of painkillers by some people can reflect so negatively on their health causing them serious constipation conditions.

2- Other medications for depression:

In here, we have found that the antidepressants are the responsible ones now. There are many medications and drugs taken for the sake of raising the level of the serotonin in the brain, which was found a cause of constipation as a side effect. The doctors and scientist do not know yet why do those medications have such side effects. If you suffer constipation, while you take the antidepressants, you may need to visit your doctor again to find a better kind of antidepressant that cannot cause you such trouble.

3- Once more with the medications, the antacids now:

The use of antacids is quite positive. It works quite perfectly in treating your condition such as heartburn. The antacids that include in their content minerals such as calcium and aluminum can cause the constipation as a side effect. The good thing about antacids is that there are different descriptions and kinds of them, so if one doesn’t go on with your body, another may. Besides, to treat the heartburn, you may depend on other very effective ways. Choosing a good diet shall help you to improve your heart health.

4- The under-active thyroid condition may cause you such trouble:

The thyroid gland is responsible for many necessary body functions. It provides the body with some hormones, which enhance those functions such as metabolism. The under-active thyroid, or what some may name is; hypothyroidism, means that your thyroids are not producing enough hormones, which cause a disorder in your metabolism. If you get constipation, it does not mean necessarily that you have a thyroid disorder, and vice versa. Yet, this might be a call for you to see your doctor for a quick diagnosis and analysis. Young women who develop constipation so much are more likely to have under-active thyroid.

5- Being emotionally depression or being diagnosed with depressive disorder:

We have seen that the antidepressants can be a cause of constipation. Now, we are with what those medications meant for, the depression can be a cause of such digestive disorder. When you are depressed, your body metabolism and other significant function lower, which affect the progress of digestions in your body causing constipation in the bowel.

6- Another health disorder related to depression; IBS:

The IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome) is a condition that affects the bowel, causing serious symptoms such as blood in stools, losing weight, or other conditions. It basically includes two serious health conditions, which are; Crohn’s disease and UC (Ulcerative Colitis). This condition (IBS) can cause both famous digestive disorders; diarrhea and constipation. The way your body develops the two main diseases of IBS is the responsible for getting either diarrhea or constipation. The constipation with no other IBS’s symptom means that you do not have this disease. So, do not freak out if you have it alone and think of other causes.

7- Diabetes conditions and those of neurological system:

If you develop the diabetes, your nerves are attacked and get damages, which eventually affect the way your body deal with foods. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes for a while know that their constipation is due to this disease. If you have regular and more frequent constipation periods, then you are highly recommended to visit your doctor or at least do a simple blood test. Other conditions and diseases of the neurological system can cause constipation, such as Parkinson’s disease.

8- Develop a change in your blood pressure:

The medicines used to treat your blood pressure (especially those that carry calcium) can be a direct cause for your constipation. Some of those medicines depend on lowering the water in your blood, which we know is necessary to digest the foods and avoid the halt of nutrients and other wastes.

9- Eating the magic black sweet; chocolates:

The studies in this one differed into two parts; one says that chocolate was found guilty in causing  the constipation. The other, however, says that chocolate is innocent and it actually helps people to digest their foods and pass stools. However, some people claimed that their chronic eating of chocolate was the reason, while others say it is not. So, studies say that it depend on the body.

10- Dairy Foods:

There are some foods that can affect negatively your metabolism and digestive operations. Those foods are mostly those with high level of fats and very low level of fiber, such as eggs, meat, cheese, and others. If you have the constipation and such foods are included in your diet, then try to cut down the amounts of foods you have. That is how you can get rid of it.

However, we have already talked about simple and normal causes of constipation in another previously written article. Those above are just the causes that many people ignore. Yet, they are worth to know since they do affect your healthy living.


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