Schizophrenia Treatment & Recovery

You will say: “what? Is there actually a better treatment that the other known treatments? Well, I will certainly say that science today comes to answer you and tell you there a “best treatment for schizophrenia”. This psychological disorder that has been a mystery for people for so long, and which has been always hard to be treated, today it collapse under the power of science and scientist find the best treatment for it.

Best Treatement for Schizophrenia
Best Treatement for Schizophrenia

Do not worry any longer if you see that usual medications and treatments did not work with your beloved one or with you. Because I am bringing to you in the following lines of my article the best treatment for schizophrenia, and which you will be secure for it and sure about it.

“Schizophrenics have their good health back and go back to life out of the life of medications and its side effects?”

We do not talk from our imagination, this article and the research I have done take you into the side that psychology never been there.

This research concludes that the best treatment for Schizophrenia is not just possible, but very common, and everyone can have it in his hands. Especially in the poor countries such as India, Colombia, Nigeria, and even countries that do follow traditional treatments, such as; ‘Open Dialogue Approach’, which is used in Finland.

This research have been done as a Doctorate monograph in the university of Saybrook; about the schizophrenics who are completely healed from their disorder and back to their natural normal life. A life that is vivid from any medications or their side effects. This happened after they were already schizophrenics and affected by other psychological disorders.

The best treatment for schizophrenia topic is still not completely crucial. That is because we (western scientists and doctors) still not yet convinced that there is actually a complete treatment. This is because of the doubt of what the opposite researches have shown.

In this article, we will go through the most important five phases (factors) that helped to completely heal the patients.

The first factor; the faith that the ultimate and best treatment for schizophrenia is actually very possible:

The participants who were selected for our researches said that the most important step is the hope and faith. The faith that there is a final best treatment for schizophrenia and it is possible. For their own personal experiences, the environment and the atmosphere around them causes them lies, poisons, and false beliefs that there is no solutions for their situation, were the reason of worsening this situation. And they could break that wall through believing and faith, which caused them to re-live… this leads us to the second factor…

Second factor; it is to understand completely their situation in a very far way they used to understand it.

The participants developed a new notion of understanding, which increases the hope and kills the mental experiences they have been through. They arrived to believing that whatever how their severe situation is, it is still a normal and usual situation.  This was like a method to beat their disorder in a world that is unbearable for them.

The third factor; Looking for a goal and meaning of life:

All the participants expressed that they had to link their lives into activities and goals that make their lives valuable. It was like a motivation for them to welcome every single day with open arms and high energy, in order to go toward the right path to live a producing life they used to wish to have. This includes necessarily what blocks and stops their energy and own view of the world.

It is what was blocked through following the traditional treatment for few years, which includes the medications that are specified for increasing energy (such as Antipsychotics), and to stop listening to the usual advice that say that they need to have rest and avoid any causes of stress or exhaustion.

The fourth factor; the inner peace and Reclamation:

The participants said that their connections and associations with their own inner feelings, needs, abilities to control themselves, and to manage themselves, were incredibly effective. And again, they said that the traditional treatment was a block in their new treatment. These traditional treatments were making them feel too much worse about their situation. Also, th effect of the medications that decrease the will, determination, and the purposefulness.

The fifth factor; the deal with their emotional relationships;

The participants said that it is too important to deal with their relationships. This treatment includes to fix the relationships that make them feel bad and cause them depressions and negative effects, or to end them and start new stronger ones. Every one of them said that the bad relationships had the most affective impact in making them close over themselves and to be infected by the disorder. Many of them expressed their thanks to the friends and people who helped them go through that.

When we look at what the usual treatment that people are using nowadays we see that is not the same as the number of people who were treated by our treatment that we mention today. You have to take into consideration the factors and method we mentioned before, this is a very good way of tearing this disorder.

As the statistic showed, there are numerous people who lived their entire life depending on the usual treatments, but nothing worked with them.

The people who tried this best treatment for schizophrenia show how grateful they are for such existence of the treatment. People who were treated by usual treatments do not talk about their condition. They always ignore talking about it, because once the people around them mention it to them, they might get back the same feeling and the same disorder. That is why, they always avoid talking about that. While, other people, who were treated through this best treatment for schizophrenia, are okay and restful with talking about that or mentioning it. They even give advice about how people can get rid of the disorder.



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