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Trypophobia cure

Trypophobia Cure and Treatment

Trypophobia Cure and Treatment Trypophobia is the fear of holes. Nevertheless, it is not the fear of the huge holes but rather the fear of...


Do you have Trypophobia !! Take this test to know Trypophobia,? is a proposed phobia  of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps....

What is Trypophobia : Small Holes Phobia

People suffer from a broad range of phobias in their life which incorporate ornithophobia, claustrophobia, hydrophobia and there some more. The greater part of...
trypophobia test

Trypophobia Test , Are you trypophobic?

Trypophobia Test ~ The Worst Trypophobia Test Take this Trypophobia test lets see how long can you Resist? The Trypophobia Test should be passed through several...
trypophobia 2

Trypophobia, is it Real?

 Trypophobia: Fear Of Holes:Certainly, you have heard somewhere something about trypophobia, which might be even the reason that brought you here  looking for what...
Trypophobia Cure

Trypophobia Cure Tips: without trigger images!!

How To Cure Trypophobia? Previously, in two other articles I have talked about the Trypophobia (Fear of holes) . This disorder caused lot of arguments...
Phobia of Holes

Phobia of Holes or Trypophobia

Phobia of Holes Phobia of Holes (Fear Of Holes)Phobia of holes, fear of holes, or as the scientific term; Trypophobia is a very common phobia...
Fear of Holes

Fear of Holes Phobia

Fear of Holes , Holes Phobia or TrypophobiaI have already talked in anther specific article about the ‘phobia of holes’ . Today I came...